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We offer comprehensive support to families who are raising amazing children with differing needs.  We have highly skilled pediatric therapists and assistants that support our programs and live and work in your community.  The Edson LEAP Centre is the brainchild of passionate professionals and parents in your community that want to help families and children reach their goals and achieve their dreams.  We feel strongly that, with the right support and resources, all families can not only participate fully in their community but they can LEAP to new heights. 


LEAP can represent anything but for us it means we support:

Learning opportunities

Enrichment of environments

Access to community life

Program support

Our Team

Anna Vander Haeghe

Occupational Therapist

Michelle Campbell

Speech-Language Pathologist

Skylar Birkenhagen

Occupational Therapist

Christina Gauchier

Language/literacy group lead, stepping stones provider, BDS Aide, respite worker

Melissa Johnson

Classroom Facilitator, Playgroup Facilitator, BDS Aide, respite worker

Aylssa Belcourt

Language/literacy group lead, BDS Aide, respite worker, SLP Aide

Jaden Gauchier

Classroom support aide, respite worker

Mickilli Anderson

Classroom support aide, respite worker

Kaidence Gauchier

Classroom support Aide, respite worker

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive, competent and caring centre for all families who have children with differing developmental and/or learning needs.  

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