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- information and referral to other local programs and supports

- small group parenting sessions

- Stepping Stones Certified coaches

- Peer parent support

- Support for IEP meetings, FSCD paper work, Specialist referrals etc...

Family Supports 

Raising a child with special needs is challenging, we understand that.  We can assist you in getting the support that you need.  That may mean giving you referral information to other local programs, supporting you in group parenting information sessions or assisting your family with finding a FSCD approved Stepping Stones provider or BDA aide.

We also hear from our families that the assessment process in the city, application for FSCD and school IEP meetings are extremely stressful.  Our staff, community partners and amazing parent advocates can help you navigate the multitude of systems you will face.

Did you know that FSCD can provide direct parenting support for parents raising a child with different needs?  Contact us.

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