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FSCD supported services are usually direct billed by our staff including respite services.  Contracts with FSCD require clauses to allow for direct billing.  Our staff are currently on the current RFQ FSCD list.


PUF supported services are direct billed to the school the child is registered with.

Private Speech Language and Occupational therapy fees are dependent on the services required.  Both SLP and OT provide complimentary initial consultations to determine needs, resources and if other referrals are more appropriate.  Click here  to schedule your initial complimentary consultation with either OT or SLP.  Cost for future services are determined after initial consultation if appropriate.

Individuals are encouraged to contact their health care insurance plans to see if coverage for services are included.  

Financial support is now available if your family is unable to afford private therapy.  Applications are available from the Edson LEAP Society and supported by donations made directly from this community.  Email the Society at:

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