Kindergarten PUF Services

Through the Edson Friendship Centre's, Brighter Futures Private School, we are able to provide a comprehensive small kindergarten PUF program 5 days a week for children and families who need an extra year of supports before transitioning into the larger school classrooms.  Programming is overseen by a certified teacher and onsite there is a certified teacher and classroom facilitator in the classroom.  Both direct OT and SLP therapy will be provided to the children in this program through PUF.   

Contact Edson Friendship Centre directly if you would like more information.

Kindergarten PUF program:

- Small class size with high adult to student ratio

- extensive modifications and accommodations can be provided to our diverse learners

- 5 days a week programming, academic/curriculum focus in the morning and play based focus on arts, crafts, social interaction, motor engagement & community participation in the afternoons. 

- parent-child home programs

- parent information sessions

- support for transition planning into next school year

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