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​- assessment

- direct treatment

- parent consultation

- program consultation

- inservicing/information sessions

Speech & Language Services

Michelle Campbell graduated with distinction from the University of Alberta and has worked for over 20 years as a private Speech-Language Pathologist in the Edson community. She has a keen interest in early intervention and literacy development.  In her free time, Michelle enjoys hiking, sports and spending time with her family.

Michelle can provide SLP services privately, through PUF contracts or FSCD contracts. Contact her here.

Provides support with:

​- Articulation delays/disorders

- Expressive and receptive language delays/disorders

- Oral-Motor difficulties/ Apraxia

- Literacy 

- Augmentative Communication

- Functional communication

​Expertise in:

- Developmental delays

- Many genetic syndromes 

- Apraxia

- Autism Spectrum 


- Sensory processing


- Literacy

- Augmentative Communication

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