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​- assessment

- direct treatment

- parent consultation

- program consultation

- inservicing/information sessions

Speech & Language Services

Michelle Campbell graduated with distinction from the University of Alberta and has worked for over 25 years as a private Speech-Language Pathologist in the Edson community. She has a keen interest in early intervention and literacy development.  In her free time, Michelle enjoys hiking, sports and spending time with her family.

Michelle is a neurodiversity affirming and sensory aware SLP.  Michelle can provide SLP services privately, through PUF contracts or FSCD contracts. Contact her here.

Provides support with:

​- Articulation delays/disorders

- Expressive and receptive language delays/disorders

- Oral-Motor difficulties/ Apraxia

- Literacy 

- Augmentative Communication

- Functional communication

​Expertise in:

- Developmental delays

- Many genetic syndromes 

- Apraxia

- Autism Spectrum 


- Sensory processing


- Literacy

- Augmentative Communication

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