• Edson LEAP Society

The Edson LEAP Society for Children with Special Needs is a non-profit society registered in the province of Alberta.  The LEAP Society has a focus to support families in our area who are raising children with special needs.  This Non-Profit society wants to help our community and through your support they can provide more opportunities for all families.  

By attending and supporting our Community Events you directly support the LEAP Society in providing services directly in your community.  All proceeds stay within Edson Area.  Check FB for Society Events.

Financial assistance forms are available for families to help off set financial barriers they may be experiencing in getting services for their child.  Contact the Society above for this.

Edson LEAP Society

Donate to LEAP Society

Our fun fundraiser "Flush the Myths 2021" is running 1 - 30 April 2021!  We thank all of our local support as we help dispel some common myths around differing abilities.  Follow us on our fb page, contact us to get involved or donate directly to the Society via etransfers.  

If you are interested in supporting children and families in your community access programs or specialized equipment.  Some things we would like to support would be:

- specialized swings for families to be able to use

- sponsoring a child to attend therapy sessions

- sponsoring a child to attend respite camps

If you are interested in donating time, resources, services to help support our innovative and local Therapy & Resource Centre.  We are always eager for local partners.

Some things we would like support with:

- volunteering for additional cleaning

- handyman jobs 

- donation of supplies or talent to create an outdoor sign

- donation of new flooring

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