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Pre-School PUF Services

Prior to starting LEAP Centre, our therapists worked in the school divisions locally for many years.  Schools that contract our therapists receive:
- direct therapy intervention
- consultation 
- in-servicing/staff training
- parent information sessions
Michelle Campbell ran the intensive early intervention program, PALS at Vanier school for many years.  

Contact us directly if you are interested in experienced local therapists to provide your child's PUF services.

Current Services for 2022 include:

- direct twice weekly group therapy

- direct weekly individual therapy by OT and SLP

- multidiscipinary team approach

- multisensory teaching strategies

- strong focus on functional communication skills & sensory processing skills

- gross and fine motor skill development embedded into daily programming

- PUF supported staff training and education

- child & parent home programs

- parent groups and information sessions

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